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sound restoration

the white

This model has been recycled from three different turntables.

Direct drive motor with switchable quartz PLL speed control and power supply is taken from the C.E.C direct drive turntable. Platter is taken from Technics, and ADC tonearm is salvaged from on old BSR turntable.
Platter is heavily damped from the underneath with hard rubber mat.

Stroboscope lamp and some other parts (switches, etc.) were missing. Those parts were replaced, and now everything is in order, even the strobe.

Laminated plinth is made from four MDF layers and one thin cork layer for damping purposes.

The motor is fixed in three points, one hard-contact and two soft, in order to take away any inner motor vibrations, and to stop outer vibrations to get into the motor.

Turntable rests on three adjustable legs, made from MDF and cork.
Mat is made of 3mm pressed cork.

Signal cable and RCA connectors were replaced with Van den Hul D502 Hybrid cable and Van den Hul RCA connectors.

  bd02s w04w05w03