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sound restoration


This model could be called "double recycled", because all the MDF shapes (parts) used in its construction, are spares remained from the white model.
Further, these parts were used in their original left over shape/dimensions, without any further shaping/cutting, just glued/screwed together to form base and the motor housing for this turntable.

Power supply, DC motor and speed control came from the old Grunding 2500 turntable. Spindle was salvaged from an old AKAI turntable, and new bearing has been constructed to fit.
Suitable new pulley has been machined to be used with Pro-ject round belt.

Acrylic platter weighted about 3kg has been designed and produced purposely for this model.

Tone arm was salvaged from an unknown model of Simens turntable.

Rubber legs/spike came from the Rega Planar 3.

Turntable should be mounted on the even leveled shelf/platform, because the heights of the pulley (motor housing) and main chassis (with the platter and arm) had been carefully calculated in order to get the right height (horizontal position) of the belt on the outer rim of the platter.

Moving motor housing closer/further to/from the main chassis will help for over- or under-stretched belt.