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After a while another recycled model came out from our workshop.

Another almost complete recycle, apart the tone-arm which is new, our own design Soulines model KiVi.

Basic parts for this model have being salvaged from an old direct drive JVC turntable. We got it without tone-arm and with broken plastic lead, and the plinth was in very poor condition, impossible to recycle it. Thus for the plinth we used an old kitchen cutting board (polyethylene made), which after many years in the kitchen got a new life as a main part of the turntable plinth. Second part of the plinth is reshaped heavy MDF platform used to be a platform for one high end CD player. As the CD format came to its end, CD player sold, poor platform was lying around, looking for new purpose, and it got it. It came out that these two parts bolted together with the layer of rubber-cork in between (for damping purposes) form an excellent main plinth for the rec rec turntable.

Original Hal motor and its electronics is saved. The original JVC platter is cleaned, sanded by hand and heavily damped underneath.

Tone-arm board is sandwich made of 3 layers of Acrylic boards, remaining from our Hermes units, and some rubber-cork washers.

Soulines KiVi tonearm is a classical uni-pivot design with the lowered center of mass counterweight, brass made, tone-arm pipe made of Carbon and aluminum combination with the Cardas internal wiring. Effective length is 9", and the head-shell is aluminum made, easy adjustable, with standard cartridge mounting holes (1/2"). VTA is adjustable.

Turntable comes with basic interconnect cable, but mounted RCA sockets provide easy upgrade path for some higher quality interconnect.

Rubber-cork mat is supplied as standard.