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half moon

This model represent a truly recycled design, built from several different turntables, a VCR machine, a wooden barrel cover, hockey pucks, scrap MDF and other materials.

Main bearing and platter come from an old Lenco turntable. Bearing has being improved and platter is heavily damped from the underside with hard rubber mat.

The motor is salvaged from an old Phillips VCR, and a suitable new pulley has been designed to use with Pro-ject rounded belt. The motor is eccentrically mounted in its housing, to help for over- or under-stretched belt.

Power supply for this DC motor is purposely designed with separate 33 and 45 fine-speed controls, adjustable with a small screwdriver.

The main part of the sub-chassis used to be a piece of an old wooden barrel cover. Other parts of the chassis and sub-chassis are made from scrap MDF and aluminum, using cork for decoupling and damping.

The sub-chassis is decoupled from the chassis (base) by three adjustable aluminum spikes pointing downward to threaded plastic inserts, with springs threaded on them. Every spring is soaked in an oil bath and additionally damped with rubber grommets.

Three small hockey pucks have been used for legs of the base. Mat is made of 3mm pressed cork.

Mounted tone arm is Linn Basic LVV produced by ADC for Linn, with its original cable and RCA connectors.

We tried several different MM/MC cartridges from Audio Technica, Denon, Goldring, Grado and Ortofon, and every cartridge showed its distinctive sound character, witch tells us that the turntable itself is a pretty neutral sounding, providing a stable base for the cartridge to demonstrate all of its virtues.

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