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sound restoration


Most of the main parts like motor, platter and electronics were salvaged from an old DUAL 701 turntable.
The motor used in this turntable, DUAL model EDS 1000, is probably the best motor that DUAL ever made. It contains precise die cast aluminum sub-platter, while wow&flutter and rumble figures are very impressive considering the date of production.

Stroboscope lamp and some other parts were missing and power supply had been damaged. These parts were repaired and now everything is in order, even the strobe.

Laminated plinth has being constructed from several layers of MDF and cork, with the use of aluminum and plywood for the arm base and control switches.
Further, a part of the original steel sub chassis (heavily damped) has being used. Platter has been damped too, using rubber, cork and blue-tack.

The turntable rests on three adjustable spikes guided by the lowest layer of MDF, which is coupled to the PSU but decoupled from the rest of the turntable by means of different rubber and cork washers, which are stacked around the three M10 Allen bolts that hold together the lowest MDF layer and the three upper ones.

Furthermore, the two upper MDF layers are strategically cut out, and thus, the arm and the motor with platter and power supply are decoupled from each other.

Complete turntable weight more than 20kg, and it is "stone dead".

In the first "incarnation", Rega RB250 arm had been mounted, but afterwards, Rega was replaced with a tone arm salvaged from an old AKAI turntable.

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