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sound restoration


Recycled from an old Pioneer model PL 540 with an improved Rega RB 250 arm, this is a very nice-sounding turntable.

Original Pioneer HALL motor with quartz PLL speed control and power supply was used. Further, original platter (about 3kg cast aluminium) was used, damped from the underside with a rather heavy rubber and a thin layer of cork.

Laminated plinth is made from five MDF layers and one thin cork layer for damping purposes. The motor is fixed in three points, one hard-contact and two soft, in order to take away any inner motor vibrations, and to stop outer vibrations to get into the motor. Turntable rests on three adjustable aluminium spikes. Parts from the wooden toys were used as covers from "strobe" and "on" lights.

Mounted Rega RB250 arm is rewired with Incognito re-wire set, and rear stub and weight were changed with Michell Technoweight. Easy riser was added for easy VTA adjustment.

We tested few different cartridges from AudioTechinica, Goldring, Grado and Ortofon, and to our ears this turntable sounded best when the Goldring 1042 cartridge was used.