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mini pc

Another truly recycled model, using parts coming from different Technics, Grunding, Uher and Fisher turntables.

Acrylic plates used for construction of the base are spares remained from the production of trio-c platter. These plates were reshaped a bit to suit particular shapes and the dimensions for the mini pc base. Acrylic plates are bolted together creating light but stiff construction.

Power supply, DC motor and speed control came from an old Technics turntable. Motor is mounted by means of big rubber grommet decoupling motor completely from the rest of the base.
Spindle and bearing were salvaged from the Uher turntable (unknown model), being in very good condition there were only thoroughly cleaned and re-oiled.

Aluminum platter with stroboscope marks comes from Grunding model 2500 turntable, and tone arm is from an unknown model of Fisher turntable.

Lower part of the base is 30cm pulley salvaged from an old washing machine.

Turntable must be mounted on the even leveled shelf/platform, because it doesn't contain any height adjustable feet/spikes.