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hermes ACX

Part of our new line of turntables, the HERMES ACX record player is designed to be exceptional, easy to use, and above all – to reproduce music as faithfully as possible.

Drive mechanism utilizes high quality AC synchronous motor optimized for turntable use. Design of the motor power supply provides vibration free motor rotation, minimizing mechanical hum induction.

High-mass platter is machined from Acrylic to very high accuracy and ensures excellent speed stability. Acrylic was chosen for its superior sound quality and isolation properties.

A rubber-cork mat is supplied as standard with the turntable.

The inverted main bearing housing and spindle are custom designed and machined from solid brass and solid stainless steel to extremely high precision to ensure smooth running.

Main bearing with platter and tone arm mounting plate are mounted on the sub plinth and three point de-coupled from the main plinth to maximize performance and minimize acoustic break through. The motor assembly is mounted onto the main plinth.

The HERMES ACX has three custom made adjustable ball-spike feet to allow leveling and provide optimum coupling to the surface that it sits on.

Partnered with the OEM RB251/RB303 tone arms, the HERMES ACX has excellent performance, rarely find in its class.