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Different turntable accessories like brushes, mats, pads, platforms, adjustment tools, etc, are indispensable to every vinyl/turntable lover.

Among turntables recycling, which is our basic activitiy, we have being concentrated on the design and production of the good isolation platforms and turntable mats.

Stands/shelves/platforms on witch turntable rests, play a big role in the final sound quality of any turntable, isolating it from the vibrations coming from the rest of the audio system and/or stand/shelf beneath, and dumping vibrations generated in the the turntable itself.

Materials used for our platforms come from scrap MDF and plywood from a local woodworking shop. Usually, small pieces of MDF are thrown away or burnt, but we found a better use for those.

Similarly to platforms, turntable mat is also considered an important part of the "final turntable sound". Some audiophiles describe the "sound" of different mats as dull, slow, fast, etc. It is very difficult to produce a mat with exact characteristics required by a discerning audiophile, but a lot of experimentation can often give some interesting results.
Mats used on ttrecycled turntables are usually made out of cork. We find cork very suitable for mat building, because it is easy to cut and shape and has a relatively "neutral sound" when used as a turntable mat.

Most of the platforms and mats we produce are custom designed.
Therefore, if you are looking for a quality platform or mat for your turntable, please let us know about the budget and the ideas you have in mind for the platform/mat project.