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our recycled turntables

Every turntable recycled and built by ttrecycled is unique and has an excellent sound.
The finish of our recycled turntables is deliberately rough. Sometimes, parts of our recycled turntables are not colored or varnished at all.

The main idea behind the turntable recycling, along with care for the environment, is the re-use of old turntables, which are lying forgotten in closets, attics, garages, etc.; many of these turntables are of very good quality and deserve a new life.

Turntable recycling requires a lot of planning and technical expertise in order to successfully redesign, recycle and rebuild an attractive and excellent-sounding turntable.

Our extensive professional involvement with audio and recording, together with a lot of experience in DIY audio, as well as audio tweaking, provide us with the necessary know-how.

At least 60% of the parts used in every turntable produced by ttrecycled come from the old turntables, various audio/video equipment, home electrical appliances, toys, furniture, etc.

Plywood and MDF materials used in production of our recycled turntables are scrap materials from a local woodworking shop. The same applies to aluminum and Plexiglas materials.
For coloring, we use water-based paints and varnishes whenever possible.