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belt or ...

It is our pleasure to recycle and to redesign the belt drive turntables.

Being a kind of an open structure system, belt drive turntables offer a lot of opportunities for recycling and redesign, along with good tweaking and upgrade possibilities.

Beside the highest sound quality, which is our imperative, the design outcome for belt drives is usually very attractive as well.


... direct drive turntables

For a long time, direct drive turntables have been considered of lower-quality sounding when compared to the similarly-priced belt drive models.

However, in our humble opinion, this is the result of an aggressive propaganda by the European hi-fi press, sponsored and governed by the European hi-fi industry, unable to compete with the Japanese in production of quality direct-drive turntables retailed at a modest price.

The only loosing side in this industry and marketing war were audiophiles seeking good sound at a modest price.

We firmly believe that both kinds of turntables - belt and direct drive - could give an excellent-sounding results if they are carefully designed and produced.

Thus, we recycle/redesign direct-drive turntables with the same passion as their "rival" belt-drive siblings.